Top 5 priorities every 20+ year old need to be focusing on right now

This bank holiday weekend, I have decided to write a blog focused on what I have learned in April while travelling and also while managing daily realities surrounding me – generally speaking – work, conferences, books and podcasts. After listening to around 15podcasts of #GaryVee, seeing where cosmetics industry and customer experiences are heading and technology always evolving, I have created a STASH – 5 things that every millennial should do now and here they are:

1. Set goals for the future

I think it is quite obvious, but it is important to get it right, your time is limited and you can only make the most of it if you have set goals and plan ahead. Where do you want to be in 5 years? What steps are you taking to get there? With time passing so quickly, you don’t want to regret what you haven’t done, what you haven’t accomplished, so it is time you get more organised and take control of your life. You also want to be a bit specific with those goals to keep you on track, so set those goals using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) – it is a great tool to get started and helps you to take that time back in control of your hands.

Some examples of mine, Have 3 big trips with family in 2022; Earn 10k monthly by the age of 35 etc, Eat healthy everyday, with one day off through 2022.


Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

2. Take advantage of technology, it is here to stay

We all know that in the past 10 years or so, technologies have shifted our lives. We can’t imagine our life without our phones, and Internet connection became more important than water for some (maybe not so drastically but you know what I mean). We all became digital consumers with content delivered to us every millisecond. The trends are not stopping and for those of you that say I am not interested in technology, you are going to lose in the long run, so start adapting and utilise it so it can produce more benefits for you than challenges.

After participating in some conferences and looking at trends so far in 2018, it is even clearer to me how the technology is evolving – artificial intelligence is already applied to the systems make them learn faster by themselves, 3D printing, chat-bots coming into daily interactions, introduction of Alexa and other voice-recognition applications, video becoming one of the mediums that are mostly consumed etc. I think you get it, the world is evolving and so should you and that’s why the next point is about learning.


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

3. Always keep learning

It is obvious that nowadays we have all information on our fingertips. Opportunities for learning are endless, you and I learn every day. It is not only about going to school and university anymore, learning is the habit that great winners will have. There will always be learning on the work you do, managing finances, etc… so you might want to start liking it and it becoming your daily routine. As we all learn in different ways, I would recommend you to work on what is your best way to learn. Coursera, Udemy and LinkedIn are just three online examples offering courses to master some great skills whether personal or professional. I have just joined “Learning how to Learn Course” –  on Coursera myself, as I have heard some very good reviews about it.


Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

4. See your friends and collaborate

In this busy world, time is precious, but you don’t want to always say how busy you are, or that you don’t have time to those that you care about. Prioritise your family and quality friend relationships, so that you don’t regret it later and try to connect and meet with them. It is way easier to make friends when you are young and some relationships you want to keep need nurturing. Like in any relationship, nurturing is needed and it takes time. And with technology evolving we don’t have an excuse, but ideally, you want to be present for your loved ones see them face to face and have quality time. Healthy relationships make you happier and that is another reason why you should do it.

Also collaborate with likeminded people, mentors, coaches and your inspirations. Create memories, content and opportunities for improvements of others.

big family

5. Make healthy living and wellness as key priority

This is probably the most important point, as good health, whether physical or mental, is necessary for everybody to live their lives. Being healthy should also be everyone’s priority as without it we can’t do anything. So you need to take of your health, it is your responsibility. It is probably scary, but heart attacks are in the 1st main causes of death in the world. So if you are consuming lots of fatty/sugary foods, think about it again. Being healthy is not only about going to the gym or walking a bit, your diet is also very important. Also with stress levels increasing, meditation is a very important practice to have more balance in your life and decluttering your brain, while taking time for yourself. Just find what works for you to balance your health-improving habits better and it is a constant that will always be very important so please don’t neglect it.

R0020843 (1)

Hope you will find this list useful and it will help you to be on the right track 😉

Happy living

With love, Agne


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