Hi, I am Agne. I just thought to share with you some thoughts on creativity, marketing and other small but big things as I want to inspire everybody to be more and at the same time enjoy this short time we have…

In short, I am a dreamer with multiple talents and experiences and I love people. My biggest dream since I was a teenager to travel the world, to learn about people and myself in an adventurous way sometimes by pushing myself out of my limits or comfort zone.

About 2 years ago I feel like I am picking a quite quick pace for that and exploring the world. Just in two years, I have visited 19 countries and although every country is very special and beautiful, the most adventurous were travels in South America(9 countries, except Venezuela, 2 Guyana’s and Suriname), Algeria and Mauritius.

I also love art, dance, discoveries and good vibes when connecting with people from different countries.

I hope you will find this blog useful and get inspired.

<Live, love, laugh & enjoy>