Creativity & Self Love

In today’s society, we are often challenged every day to become better personally and professionally. It gets in us so much that we sometimes forget to stop for a moment to breathe and I am not even talking about taking time for yourself or planning your goals, or, especially, creating something exciting. There is no doubt, that creativity and self-love are linked but how to make time and where to start?


Creating time for yourself can come in different ways, I think it depends from person to person. For some of us, it is enough to meditate, but for some, writing a journal, clearing the clutter or even going for a walk in nature, fishing or even hitting a gym would do. If you don’t know what it is, you need to try different things and discover what works the best for you. There is an insightful article on 10 ways how to create space by Doyoudoyoga that might help.


Also, it is important to get inspired and find time for working about that piece of art that you wanted to make, that book that you wanted to write, learn a new skill that you wanted to master when you were younger, create a short movie, a gadget or even a robot. And it doesn’t matter what are you doing or feeling now, it is important to take the action to change that around and schedule some time for your inspiration and your creativity.

So creativity starts with putting yourself first and creating space for yourself, but and very often I hear that a person is most creative when he/she is abundant of self-love and self-confidence… but I am a strong believer (I am sure there is some psychological evidence) that it works the other way around as well.


Especially if you are in quite intense low self-esteem and self-confidence I think you can take a big leap in those areas when you undertake a creative activity first. This would help you to shift your perception about you especially if you know that you are quite good in creating something already (although not necessarily). AS I think that would boost positivity and thus get you excited to create more. When you challenge yourself in this way when being down, it could change your perception about you.

I remember I was in deep depression around two years ago and it took me baby steps to recover, as I thought I will never be a great professional (marketer), my memory was failing me, I thought I am worthless and not smart at all… but you know what I couldn’t let my this self-harm to get to me and destroy me. Besides work and studies, I had to find time for going dancing, painting a family portrait, I even will mention running a 10k for a charity as I never done that before and that was super boosting.


There are plenty of activities that can get you back on track that can lead to loving yourself more and become even more creative and there is no stopping for this after if you just keep the momentum. It doesn’t matter whichever way you choose, it is important that you do it now and get creating!

Now it’s your turn, what gets you to create?




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