Why I am writing a Blog

Just to let you know, I had quite a hard time writing about why I am writing this blog. Just before I started blogging few thoughts passed through my mind – “everyone is blogging, so I need to”, actually no, “I just want to write a blog just for myself”, oh no… “blogging is really coming at me”…, no maybe not “ Hi, I am, Agne, I’m a blogger”, “maybe I shouldn’t start because that’s not for me”, “what I am going to write about”… wait… finally, I think I got to express it. So here it is – for me it is important to start a conversation about creativity, decision-making and help you fulfil your dreams. Most importantly, it is important to be true to ourselves, to be the true creators of things, ideas, our positives and negatives, our ideals… We are all unique and gifted, thus it is important that we live our lives to the fullest and as creatively as possible through discoveries, ups and downs that make us grow and inspire us through creativity that we all have.

That’s heavy… maybe read on it gets easier, I think 🙂

Here is how blogging actually happened

It all started with me & my partner going travelling to South America for 3 months and quitting jobs (it was a bit scary, I admit). I got asked by many friends and ex-colleagues to keep them updated on Facebook or blogging. And actually I was really inspired and these people really got me going on this. My travelling also has inspired me and I really wanted to write about creativity, as I mentioned above through my thought rollercoaster,  we are the biggest creators in this journey called life so it is important not to forget that, which I think we all do (Well I do,  but luckily not for too long).

Inspiration from inspirations

To be honest, I also believe this blog wouldn’t have happened if I wouldn’t be surrounded by very inspiring people. There are so many amazing people around me that are so inspiring starting with my partner Oswald, friends Zalina Mamedkuliyeva, Zori Zdravkova and others (I had a long list) and my dear inspirations that are just so motivating Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Richard Branson, Marie Forleo, Oprah Winfrey, Jack Ma, Neil Patel, Yulia Zagoruychenko, just to name few…

Also, nature inspires me. The best places would be Baltic Sea for me (I am Lithuanian born in Klaipeda), Machu Picchu, Famous Pyramids, Venice, Banos… beautiful caves etc…

Art is another inspiration… Well, also creative decisions and creative strategies… Yes yes, but also generally entrepreneurs breaking the rules (not the law necessarily) they are just so creative.

But my point is that inspiration is all around us… it can simply be the river that passes through our town. Sometimes, we ourselves are inspiring to others but maybe we just don’t see it or we forget it or we don’t believe we are ( that’s not true).

I think you got it now… but just one final thing –  “creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm” –  Earl Nightingale

Creativity is needed in everyone’s life

I am emphasizing creativity here, as I think it is needed the most in our lives. It is also not just about being creative but making creative decisions, imagining more, being inspired, being visionaries and truly sharing our inner gifts. I just truly believe that everyone is creative and are very gifted and I hope we can share ideas and thoughts and help and learn from each other.

Why not creating or making something today, it doesn’t need to be big…

“Hope by reading this blog you will be inspired and it will help you create the life of your dreams”


With love

Agne xxx

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